Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tears for a Stranger

Last night as I lay in bed I cried tears for a stranger. Browsing the internet news , I came across the story of a Blogger and her husband who were in an airplane crash and seriouly injured last month. It seems unfair that something so terrible would happen to such good people with strong faith.

I found Nie's blog and I fell in love with her , her husband and her four beautiful children. I stayed up for two nights reading her posts and enjoying her wonderful photos. Reading this blog anyone can see that Nie and Christian (her husband) are very much in love and so wonderfully happy together raising thier little family.

Reading Nie's blog gives me hope.

After 24 years of marrage and raising three wonderful kids I have recently divorced...a few years ago.

I've really stopped believing in myself. Lots of times I can't find the good in myself and I feel like a failure. I'm sad and just plain feeling sorry for myself.
Nie's blog took me back to a time and place that helped me remember what a good mother and wife I was and all the good things I have done and accomplished in my most important role - mother.
I've been beating myself up so bad that I forgot about all the wonderful thingsI did as a mom.... and as a wife. I made a house a HOME. I tucked my kids into bed every night with a STORY TOLD. I made holidays MAGIC.
I remember now how much love I gave and how much love I still have to give.

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