Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Phone Off! Mission Accomplished.

Everyday my cell phone rings.
"Hi , I haven't heard from you in a day, are you dead?" --Mom

And rings. "Hi, I was wonderin' what your recipe for pepper steak is" -- ex-husband of four years who still doesn't get it

And rings. " Hi Mom, can you come pick me up?" -- daughter.
And rings. "Ma, can you iron my shirt" --son
And rings. " I just want you to know I'm still alive" --dad
And RINGS! "You have recieved and automated voice mail message..." --work

Ugh! I'm sick of my phone. Every time it rings my blood pressure goes up.

For the first time in years I didn't just silence it. I turned it off! For THREE wonderful days!

And left town.

It was heaven for me.

It was hell for them. I had 17 voicemails. All which I deleted without listening to!

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