Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chicken Soup

Peeling carrots, chopping celery , onions, herbs and chicken a-boilin'. A pot of my chicken soup was in the making. Time spent in the kitchen with my youngest, Eddie (23), has become one of my favorite things.

It's hard to squeeze in time with your kids when they grow up. They're busy living their lives, hangin' with friends, searching for jobs, etc. I've discovered that there is an "in" for each one of my kids.

Food and cooking is my "in" when it comes to Eddie. When the phone rings and Eddie's number pops up I know that

1. He's wondering if I have made dinner and/or if I'd like to.
2. He'd like to know if his jeans that I've had for 6 months have a repaired zipper yet.

Usually its number 1. I think he's given up on number 2.

Eddie doesn't expect me to do the cooking but rather he likes cooking with me and that's a wonderful thing. I learn a lot about my son while in the kitchen. I've learned that he's a damn good cook. He's passionate, strong and wise. He's funny, sensitive and responsible. Oh the joy of cooking!

Leaning over a bowl of hot chicken soup we sit across from one another at the table. He's smiling, savoring each delicious slurp. I'm smiling, savoring each delicious moment.

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