Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Email from Mom

I sent a few people an inviation to my blog. Mom was the first to read and respond which comes to no surpise to me. She sent me an email regarding my blog which I thought I'd share. Read on...

"I loved your blog, especially the first part (Referring to the post I wrote about her).

I made comments but they didn't work. And for goodness sakes your gonna be 46, what do you expect....facial perfection? Amazing tits? the chills before hot flashes? The best is yet to come. You have wisdom, experience, a great family and looks that keep you looking in the thirties and most importantly your health. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful life even if you get hit with a few panic attacks and a few sweats. Write about them and fill it with that wonderful sense of humor you inherited. God I'd love to hear the funny side of a panic attact and that mounting anxiety you experience.

Keep up the writing....the photography and the window washing (tisk, tisk) (I was helping my b/f with a home project)

....Love Lom"

Alway cheering me on! I can always count on Mom!

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