Monday, July 19, 2010

Movin Out, Movin On and Movin In


I haven't written in awhile. It feels good to write again. It feels good to find the time to write again. It feels good watching Food Network, logged in, and writing on my blog!

So the story goes.

My dad, a.k.a., "Da Polak" was rushed to the emergency room in early March. He FINALLY hit "rock bottom" and checked himself in. YAY for Da Polak. That takes courage my friends. Especially at age 73. He did it, he done it and he done did it. And, he's not had a sip since. I'm proud of him.

Prior to dad's hospitalization I had been driving about an hour and a half on weekends to go visit/care for dad. I'd do his laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc... I know I shouldn't say this, but.....It was a major P.I.A. Ugh. I didn't like driving 3 hours on my weekends.

Anyhoot, Dad checked himself in and was in hospital care for 2 weeks. After that, he came to stay with me because he couldn't be alone. He could barely walk due to hip, back and balance problems. No way in hell was he going to be alone again. Away from family, friends and lonliness. Wasn't gonna happen. So, he moved on in with me. I had an extra bedroom so it was no biggie. Well, it was an adjustment to. That bedroom is directly across from my own bedroom and I was pretty used to "getting my groove on" whenever, however, as loud ever, as I wanted to. The groove had to lose its ..."oooooooove". LOL.

Well in between this time, my Man found a new job at the casino, I got word that I'm losing my job in September and I bought a house. Not in that order. I wouldn't have bought a house if I knew my company was going to outsource nearly all IT to another country. That's corporate America for ya! But hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles....and I'm the cookie---and I'm crumbling! NOT.
So, here I am this July 19th. Dad is moved into the apartment that's above my home. He's got some groovy new furni
ture and I've got my "groove" back.
Life is good. I'm still working through September and collecting a paycheck. My love is dealing cards and loving it.
My dad is snoring in his comfy new apartment. And I am cuddled up with my BFF cat, Thelma, watching Old Time Movie Classics. Life is good.

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