Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just another Saturday

Today was just another Saturday.

I woke up, brewed a pot of java and got kickin' into the basic house-work duties. Cleaning, laundry, watering my flowers, etc.

My dad came downstairs to enjoy a cup of coffee with me. We sat in the yard and admired how well my basil, thyme, marjoram, green peppers and tomato's are doing. And we celebrated the fact that FINALLY one of the tomatoes is actually turning red! Yahoo.

Mom cam over at 2:30 and promptly plopped her ass on my couch. She's going through a new chemo and it's just draining all of her energy. She can't feel her fingers or toes and once again, she's losing her hair. Its a bummer and she is kind of depressed. But even though she's dealing with all the downsides of cancer I think mom is a real tough cookie. She did make a brilliant olive tampinade which we enjoyed immensely. Take a cracker, spread a little goat cheese on it and top it with the olive tampinade. A little slice of Heaven is what it is. "Mother's heavenly Tampinade".

I made a potato salad, grilled some chicken and boiled up some crunchy, sweet corn on the cob for dinner. Me, mom, dad and Mike ate and ate and ate. We smothered that corn with butter and salt. Oh holy Jesus, it was good. After dinner we took a after-dinner nap. Nothing beats those naps I tell you.

Mike flew off to work at 8:30 pm, dad snuck off back to his upstairs apartment and Mom & I watched a re-run of the new Project Runway.

Now, I'm in bed chillen. Mom's in bed snoring.

It was just another Saturday spent with some of the people I love most.

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