Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Is It?

That's me. Yup, THAT IS ME! I believe that is the most horrible photo I have ever taken and, I'm posting it for the purpose of my post.

As bad as I look in THAT photo, I looked even worse this past weekend!! Yup, I say, worse.

Last weekend was Pierogi fest here in tiny, itty, bitty, Whiting, Indiana. It's a big deal here. Pierogi fest had made the Food Channel, WTTW Wild Chicago and so on. As a result of all this publicity it has become a very popular event. So popular that everyone in the Midwest (and their mother) wants to attend this magnificent event.

My family requested that I save some parking spots for them for this very special occasion and I did. I woke up on Saturday morning, put some chairs out front. Then I proceeded to do my normal Saturday routine. Put my hair up in a bun, donned my nastiest jeans, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I was sweaty, no make-up on, dirty fingernails and dead-beat tired when my family showed up for their parking space. Ohhhhhhhhhh....I was UGLY. Stinky, dirty, undignified, downright scary-ugly!

So they came and, they invited me out. "No, no, I don't really want to go out. I'm stinky, dirty, undignified and scary-ugly." Is what I said.

"Oh, who gives a shit. Come on out and have a good time" is what they said.

And I listened. And at Pierogi Fest I bumped into every, single person I've ever known in my life.

I bumped into...

My ex-husband
My niece
My ex -bother-in-laws
My old college friends
My friends I haven't seen in a yer
My kids
All of my kids friends

Like I said, I bumped into EVERYONE and I looked my lowest of lows total CRAP-O-LA.

So why is that? Why did this happen? I could have looked my very best.

Even though this happened and I looked my very worst, I FELT good. I was happy. I was out and about, not all wrapped up in my physical persona and very wrapped up with my emotional being. I was having a good time with my family. I enjoyed re-connecting with old family and friends.

I felt sort of naked in a way.

Embarrassed, but Free.

I had a great time

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Karen H said...

I didn't bump into you :-(

And everyone and their mother is right, which is why I won't go on Friday night. But it's not just the midwest anymore, I brought a friend from Scotland!!