Monday, April 4, 2011

Dad's Cinderella

I woke up this morning and trudged upstairs to dad's apartment in my pajamas, poured a cup of java and plopped on his couch. This has become my morning ritual. Every morning, Dad and I sipping coffee, watching the morning news and making small talk. Wilbur my lemon beagle, is right beside us.

I noticed things looked a bit dusty and the carpets were covered in MY dogs fur. Dad is 74 and suffers terribly from arthritis. He keeps his place organized but that "deep cleaning" stuff is very diffucult for him although he does do it. But today, I did it!

I gave dads apartment a deep cleaning.

I dusted all his furniture, changed his sheets, vacuumed, cleaned his kitchen and bathroom and washed all his floors. It felt so good to do that for him and he was humbly happy about it. My ambition caught on and dad washed all his garbage cans out and even put a new toilet seat on his toilet. It was great and fun team work.

As I sit at the computer typing this blog, Dad is upstairs in his clean apartment making a pot roast. I'm sure there are carrot and onion peels all over the clean kitchen floor and the counters are a mess. But, I don't care. I just care, that he's a happy cook in a clean kitchen.

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