Monday, May 16, 2011

Foster Mama

I've adopted and have been fostering Beagles (and one Coon Hound) for the past six months. It's been an adventure, that's for sure. An an adventure that I think Thelma, my old, black, cat has been enjoying immensely. She seems to love taking control of this castle and the dogs. She hisses, chases, meows and swats these dogs into submission and I must admit it's fun to watch.

After I made my decision to start fostering it didn't take long (about 2 days) before I got my first little beagle, Pearl. Of course she wasn't a NORMAL dog...ohhhhh nooooooooo, that would be much too "normal" for me! I got Pearl. Poor, scared-of-her-own-shadow, abused, Pearl. At first, Pearl spent 90% of her time in the corner of the crate; head burrowed down into a blanket hoping the world didn't know she was there. I didn't force her in the crate but that's where she felt safe. I left the door open at all times. It took me two solid weeks to gain Pearls trust and finally she put her two front paws out of the crate so I could pet her. After three weeks, she gathered enough courage to sneak out of the crate at night and steal the cats food dish. After a month, she would come out of the crate and was brave enough to actually come to me, Mike and my Dad. Finally, a family came to visit Pearl, instantly fell in love with her sorrowful soul and she was adopted. I was so sad to let her go but I was happy that she had a forever home.

After Pearl, I got Wilbur. Wilbur is a Lemon Beagle (mostly white with tan spots) who looks like beagle/basset hound mix. Short, stumpy legs, squishy face, long, soft ears and irresistable golden, sad eyes. I named him Wibur because when he's happy, eating or sleeping he snorts just like the little piggy in Charlotte' Web. He snorts A LOT....but I love, love, love his snorts. Wilbur is a sucker for mashed potatoes. After two days I knew just HAD to adopt him. When the lady from the rescue place would call me to say she that had someone who wanted to see him for possible adoption I wouldn't call her back! Wilbur is a cuddler, smoochable, mellow and just a lovable dog. I love his squishy little face and puppy breath. He's my little ray of loveable, huggable, sunshine and now, he's mine...forever. I'm so, so happy to have him in my life.

After I adopted will I got Dugger. He's a Pocket Beagle, which are very small beagles in size but not in personality. I was kind of worried about how Wilbur would respond to another dog in the house but Wilbur didn't disappoint me and was a very fine host. Wilbur liked Dugger and Dugger liked Wilbur. Dugger wasn't shy at all. He instantly formed a bond with Mike, Dad and my son Ian. Those three guys, really "dug" Dugger. Dad just couldn't keep away from him and Dugger just loved my Dad right back. Wilbur and Dugger would hang out in the yard and Dugger ran circles around my lazy little Wilbur-barking and jumping and begging Will to play but Wilbur only played...dead. Stop, drop and flop ---that's Wilbur. Dugger would go upstairs, climb up on my dad's lap and hang out with him all day long. Dad loved Dugger. After two weeks we got a call that a couple wanted to meet "The Dug". They came with their Greyhound, they saw, the man put Dugger in his pocket, and they adopted him. Yay for Dugger....Boo-Hoo for Dad.

For about two days, I had a coon-hound, Daphne. THAT dog was frickin' crazy! She was big, strong and in LOOOOOOOOOOOVE with Wilbur. Wilbur did not reciprocate the love so she would lean on him and pin him against the wall. Poor Wilbur would snort, try to get away and look at me with his sorrowful, pleading eyes "help me, mama". Daphne never laid down, she would stand and stare at Wilbur and nudge him with her nose while he tried to sleep. I felt so sorry for him. Thankfully, Daphne was only with us for two days. I always tell dad that Daphne reminded me of the movie Fatal Attaction. Daphne was fatally attracted to Wilbur and she stalked him. I think if she were here longer and he kept rejecting her...well, she might have "killed" his stuffed bunny toy and put it's head next to him. He survived, thank goodness and then he fell in L-O-V-E with....

My current foster, GiGi Girl. Oh Gigi! When she first came in my door she growled. I was assured that it was a "scared" growl and they were right. Poor Gigi Girl was so neglected and abused in her past that her only form of trying to protect herself was to growl. Wilbur LOVED her instantly and so did I. Gigi is a very gentle soul. She loves her belly scratched. Her first day here Wilbur sniffed, snuggled, cuddled, tried to play and slept by Gigi. I was so PROUD of him for being so nice to her because she seemed to really like him too. On day two, Wilbur tried to do the humpty-doo with her and I thought it was so cute. "Wilbur has a girlfriend, Wilbur has a girlfriend". Wilbur is fixed so I didn't know that fixed does NOT eliminate the "I wanna screw you" feeling. It didn't take long for me to figure out that Wilbur wanted to "do it" with Gigi. She was rubbing her butt in his face all of the time. I found out shortly that "Gigi was just coming out of heat." Ohhhhhh Shit. I have never seen Wilbur want to go outside as much as he did with Gigi! He was in "hump" mode. I SAW his "lipstick" and it's something to talk about!! After two days, Wilburs tongue was hangin' to it's side, he got so excited that he peed on the guest bed. That was it for me! I called and said...."This dog is in HEAT! I can't have her here because Wilbur is acting like a horny old fool! I'm going NUTS!!" Then Dad stepped in and said that I couldn't do that to Gigi. He said she had been thrown around tooooo long and that he'd keep her upstairs until "it" passed. Thank goodness for dad because they were gonna put Gigi in a kennel again! It passed after three days. Wilbur could care less about having his way with Gigi and the feeling is mutual. However, Wilbur and Gigi are definately bestest of friends. She cleans his ears and eyes and he musters enough energy to actually PLAY with her. They snuggle and sleep together. Wilbur even shares his food with her. I think they are in love. Gigi follows me around and wags her tail. She's loves to play and fetch a ball. She's the funnest dog I've had yet and she's a cuddler too. We all love her....but not as much as Wilbur does. She'll be missed once she's adopted....someday ;)

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