Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today I got together with my family to celebrate my cousins 50th birthday.

You may not see your cousin, aunt or uncle for ten years but when you re-unite it's just like old times. Reuniting with family can take you back to old memories and places.

Carefree, childhood memories of long ago.

Memories of rollerskating in your cousin's basement while your parents were in another room, partying and enjoying the night away. Memories of Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles laughing around a dining room table, sipping wine and martinis, talking about old times and discussing current events.

Memories of the bright glow of Uncle John's movie camera capturing you sitting on Santa's lap when he came to Grandmas house. Memories.

I don't know why but when it comes to my family,I find it hard to accept everyone in the roles they belong in today.

Them. My Uncles and Aunts, Mom and Dad were the party machines - grilling, drinking, laughing , watching over us kids and incorporating the fashion of the times. Now they aren't "them". They are the granparents and great-grandparents who could care less about drinking, watching over kids and fashion. They are now content and retired.

Us. Me and my cousins were the pampered,carefree, spoiled children But now we are not. We are the party machines, drinking, watching over kids (and even some grandkids) still keeping up with fashion. We are working hard to make a living.

Time doesn't stop. It keeps ticking-and ticking. And before I knew it I am one of "them". And sooner or later my kids and thier kids are going to be one of "us".

The point of this post is that I have come to realize how important it is to savor and to live in each and every single moment of my life.

Because there is no escaping the fact that some day, maybe in 200 years, someone will come across a headstone that reads: " Christy Matczak Boyle 1962 - ?"

They might think... who was she?

I was them.
They were me.
I am us .
I am you.
I am me.

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