Sunday, January 11, 2009

Officially Over?

Christmas is officially over. Or is it?

I went to mom's house and took down all of her Christmas decorations.
All the decorations that Mike and I put up. She had a head start on things thank goodness!
All the ornaments were off the tree, wrapped in paper, and placed carefully in a large, plastic container. That saved A LOT of time. Thanks Mom!

I unmantled the tree and put it back into it's cardboard bed to rest for another year.
Up and down with boxes galore. Finally, the job was done.

Christmas is officially over.

Or is it? Mike still has all his decors up. I still have all my stuff up.

On my drive home, I saw quite a few Christmas trees a-blazing in living room window.

When I arrived home I had a tax statement in my pile of mail. So THAT declares CHRISTMAS IS OVER...IT'S TAX SEASON.

But then again, it ain't over till it's over.

One year I had Santa on my balcony until Mid-April. Ho-Ho-Ho!

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Unknown said...

When I was young we would always take the Christmas tree down just after New Years. That is if the cats or dogs had not taken it down for us.