Monday, October 13, 2008

Who's Gonna?

At work, pounding away on the key-board, answering emails, taking calls, learning new shit everyday. I call it "shit" but really, it's not. I just call it shit. Good shit. Shit that keeps me busy, challenged and absorbed in...well...shit.

Anyway, I'm doing my "shit".

Looking up every thirty seconds to look at a photo of my Cim a.k.a Cimbo a.k.a Simmy-simmy a.k.a Tiny Bubbles a.k.a Bitch (in the kindest, most endearing term). I just look at her.


She's gone.

I can't call her tonight to tell her about my daily drama. She's not gonna call me to tell me about her daily drama. We LOVED hearing about each others drama. We loved making each other see the most ridiculous sides of our drama.

Who's gonna make me laugh till I practically pee my pants?
Who's gonna buy me my V.S jammies at Christmas time?
Who's gonna come to my place and sit on my roof and smoke a cig with me?

Who's gonna be my prom King?

Who's gonna tell me to "shut the fuck up"?
Who's got a dimple deeper than the grand canyon?
Who's gonna compare saggy tits with me?
Who's gonna do one of my home-spun face lifts me?

Who's gonna?

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aedontch5 said... are an amazing writer. I knew you were very creaitve and talented visually and physically, but had no idea you wre so verbally too. Amazing...just amazing. I'm so sorry about CIM...only now, reading your blog, do think I begin to understand just how much she meant to you...and just how much you will miss her. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you...I have been way too distracted and, unfortunately, self-absorbed and for that I am sorry. Anwyay, CIM may not be with us anymore, but it does not remove those cherished memories you have her and will continue to have through the rest of your life...and the great thing about that is no matter where you go or what you do, you will always have them to make you smile.