Monday, October 6, 2008

Losing Cim

Recently I have lost my very best friend. Friends since we were children and someone I can honestly say I loved almost as much as I love myself.

It's difficult. I miss her. I want her back. I need her and I miss her.

Right now I feel as if I will never laugh again with someone the way I did with her.

My Cim. My heart. My friend. My sister.

Some folks say that time heals all wounds but deep in my heart I don't believe it --when it comes to the sorrow that I am feeling in regards to losing her.

Cim was so outrageously funny. Outrageously serious. Outrageously caring. Outrageously loving. She was an outrageous person in all aspects of her life. And I miss her. And I loved her...outrageously.

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