Monday, April 27, 2015

Wise Old Men

Sitting here in my quiet office.  Wilbur is close by, licking his paws and I can hear his metal collar licking the hard wood floor.  It's quite a comfort having my animals next to me.  I am feeling old and glad for it.  I'm reflecting on this past night.

My son came over for a visit.  He is a strong, intelligent man with his own opinions and views on modern life. He is older but he is younger.

I always hoped I wouldn't get old and be one of those folks that said, "When I was young..."  but, I am there now.  I found myself using that dreaded quote.  "When I was young,..."

Talking, debating and disagreeing with my son, I had to tell myself to be quiet!  LISTEN and LEARN and CHANGE. It was hard for me sometimes but I did the best I could.  

The funniest thing about this entire scene is that my dad was right there next to us, quiet as a mouse.  He is where I found my inner voice.  That old man looked right into my eyes and told me to listen.... without ever saying a word. 

My son went home and I went back upstairs to my dad.   He's the wisest old man I know.  He's 78. As usual, he was sitting in his worn, brown rocker puffing on a Pall Mall.   He stared at me with his mischievous smile and I knew what he was saying, I knew what he was thinking.

Change is good.  Learn from it, grow from it and accept it. 

I didn't say a word and neither did he for a long time.  We both stared at the T.V.    Dad knew I was working through my thoughts.

Suddenly dad said, "Thanks to all of  those young punks the world is going to be a better place." 

In my mind I instantly agreed.  My son is a very wise man.

So I leave you with that tonight.

Thank-you to all you "young punks".  Thanks for taking on the challenges before you and the challenges me and my parents tried to ease, but left behind. 

Make this world a better place.

From us "oldies".

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