Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I did today....

1. I woke up (that's a good thing!)
2. I made a pot of coffee (and drank it)
3. I logged into work and worked.
4. I followed my friend to the car mechanic and drove her back home.
5. I worked.
6. I went to visit my son Eddie and the dogs and enjoyed a Ceasar salad compliments of Eddie.
7. I worked.
8. I finished working.
9. I cleaned my stove and kitchen floor.
10. I made hummus.
11. I marinaded chicken tenderloins in peanut sauce.
12. I talked to Mike on the phone.
13. I picked Suzy up from the train.
14. I made grilled chicken, asparagus and potatoes and had dinner with my kids.
15. I watched American Idol.
16. I talked to my mother on the phone.
17. I poured a glass of wine.
18. I uploaded some photos on facebook.
19. I edited my latest blog.
20. I wrote this list.

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