Sunday, November 30, 2008

Un-winding and Winding Up

Thanksgiving is over.

I'm stuffed.

More stuffed than any turkey I've seen lately. Folks don't stuff their turkey's anymore. Fear of sominella or some kind of food poisoning that the "press" has soaked into everyone's brains.

C'mon people. Wakeup and smell the turkey! Stuff the ass and cook till done.

People have survived it since the 1600's! Besides, I miss that stuffing. Even though I know where it's been... I still love it.

I'm unwinding. From a wonderful holiday based upon celebrating this great country we live in and enjoying food and family.

I'm winding. Winding up for ...ugh...Christmas. Decorating, gifts, toy commercials up the wazoo and shopping. The DREADDED shopping.

I've already decorated my mom's house (three weeks ago) and my friends place. It's so much work. I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'll take care of my own place tomorrow. But, it just isn't something I look forward to anymore.

When my kids were babes I really enjoyed pumping up Christmas. That's because it was magic in my children's eyes. The Christmas tree, ornaments, Rudolph, Frosty and most of all...Santa.

Now they are a bunch of grown up Scrooge's and Grinch's like me. And, its not as fun.

So, tell me. What is the magic of Christmas without a child?

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