Thursday, January 30, 2014

Small Graces

I was on face book today and posted a comment about having a warm house to "cloister into".  Here in NW Indiana the wind is whipping, the wind chill is below zero and snow is coming!  I ended that post with the comment, "small graces".

Small Graces.  It's a simple phrase but a strong truth that sustains a lot of us who struggle in this every day life of ours.  I don't think it matters if we are rich or poor.  Simple "small graces" sometimes sustain the wealthiest, healthiest and wisest of us all.  My small graces are...

Past Memories:  Sometimes they sustain me.  I close my eyes at night and can let my mind take me on a flight back into some wonderful childhood and adult memories that are my mother.  She has been gone since Oct 2010 but my past memories allow me to still hear her voice and re-live moments in time spent with her.  Mom teaching me to tie my red Ked shoe laces. I am brought back to the smell of her food cooking on the stove, the sound of her voice and the feel of her fingertips stroking my hair as I lie next to her on a soft down comforter.  It's all good, it's all real and it's all comforting.  I miss my mother so very much but my memories of her keep  her alive.

Present Times:  I am present here and now and acknowledge that some things suck and some things are wonderful.  The things that suck can be changed with "some distraction and stress"-- crappy job, dirty house, weight, etc... these are challenges that come with being human.  The things that are wonderful are the things that really count to me--my relationship with Mike is wonderful, vacation coming up, I own a home and car to get around and my dad and kids are healthy and........Well, who cares after "my dad and kids are healthy".  That's all that really counts.

My Future:  I have hope that my future holds whatever I want it to hold.  I know I have the power to change what I want although I don't know if I have the will or strength to change it. I am smart enough to accept that the future is mine and I have the power to OWN it and change it.  That knowledge, alone, lends me a lot of comfort.

So I guess I am lucky to "cloister into" this imperfect but perfect life of mine.  It could be better but  I know for sure, It could be a hell of a lot worse.  So, I'll take it, cloister in and be thankful for the small graces that somehow, someway, sometimes go UN-noticed in life.

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