Monday, December 14, 2009

Turning 47...

Tomorrow I turn the big 47. Ugh! 47 is old. 47 is almost over-the hill.

Mom invited me over for dinner. I'm so glad to say that at 47 I still have my mom around. She (as I have said in past posts) is my "greatest fan".

Mom made a wonderful meal to celebrate my birthday. Leg of Lamb, deeeee-lish Greek, roasted potatoes, home-made creamed spinach to-die-f0r and a maaaaavelous salad with home-made dressing. Not only that, momma also made a chocolate truffle cheese cake FROM SCRATCH! Yea! She's The Bomb! She threw the best party that a girl could ever ask for! Mom threw me a SURPRISE PARTY! Thanks Mom!

On top of that, I also got the weirdest gift from her. An egg-cooker. Yes folks, I said an EGG COOKER. According to mom, it make the most perfect egg. LOL! A weird gift indeed! But at 47, who gives a rats ass!!! I loved it and it made me smile and laugh. Maybe I'll finally cook a "perfect" egg! We're always looking for that "perfect egg" in life, aren't we?

I've accomplished a lot in these 47 years. I had a pretty good childhood, survived my awkward and sometimes painful teenage years, got married at twenty and raised three kids. They are good kids. I like them (most of the time) now that they are adults. I've been to school, got me educated, worked a few jobs, made a few friends and fell in and out and back in love.

But most of all I have found that in every day of living there is learning. Learning more about myself, being comfortable with who I am and who I choose to be.

I am more comfortable now, then ever, accepting myself for who I am.

I am caring. I am loving. I have made mistakes. I am an enthusiastic cook. I am a hidden artist. I am silly. I am a good daughter. I am a good mother. I am intuitive. I don't respond well to authority figures. I am independient. I am not serious when I need to be. I pull away when I shouldn't. I am a home-body. I am not confident. I am sometimes a loner. I am dedicated. I take silent critism seriously. I'll take on any challenge if I am challenged. I am nostalgic. I am a peace keeper. I am my worst critic. I am proud.

But most of all,

and you may disagree,

I am generous,

I am compassionate

I am humble.

I am myself as I see myself to be

I am ME.

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