Friday, August 7, 2009

Wonderful World

Wowzers! I haven't written in a long, long time.

My th0ughts were dark, but real.

Every now and then I still slip into that dark place. Thinking about what could have been. But I am beginning to realize that I must accept the fact that life goes on.

Life equals Time.

Time never Stops.

And so....

I go on.

I keep living my life! What a wonderful thing. As shitty as it is sometimes. I am here, in 2009, living my life's joys and sorrows. I am LIVING it.

Today, I am pissed off about work. I'm stressed about buying a house. I'm happy I had lunch with my son.

That, I think, is the point of this post.


Sometimes life sucks. But as long as we are breathing and our hearts are beating, we have the ability to FEEL how much it sucks! How stessfull it can be! How good it can be!

That's the territory that comes with Living.

If life didn't suck, how would we ever know what wonderful is?

Life is wonderful.

The simple gifts of nature....

A warm moonlit night by a bonfire. Smell it. Feel it. Hear it.

A cold , quiet, snowy winters morning. Smell it, Feel it, Hear it.

All I am saying is that the simple pleasures in life is what , I think , we need to try to enjoy.

Times are hard. Life is tough.

But we are tough too.

Do me a favor...

Sit back, suck in, enjoy the simple pleasures of this wonderful, wonderful place we are in.

Look at something very simple. A moon, a lit candle, the rain or a star, a song.

Look at it, feel it, hear it...

Set all your materialistic bullshit aside.

And know, that this really is ....

A wonderful, wonderful world


- said...

ain't it the truth! like the magnet on the 'fridge says:

"To have more,
Desire less"

DE Navarro said...

I didn't know you were so philosophical and in tune with nature and the simplicity of life.

That's good--- very good.