Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shepard's Pie

About a month ago I felt ambitious in the kitchen.

Kitchen Ambitchen...Am bitchin' in the kitchen, kitchen AMBITION!

I wasn't bitchin' in the kitchen, I had Ambition in the kitchen....

Okay, okay, enough with the word-play.

I decided to embark on an exploration of Shepard's Pie. Mmmmmm...yummers.

I did a little research and recipe hunting and found that Shepard's Pie can be made a gazillion different ways. There is no *authentic recipe*.

No Authentic recipe = creativity.

I browned up some ground lamb and beef, added a little rosemary, salt and pepper and simmered. Then I diced up some carrots and onion and added them to the pot. Then I added some frozen peas.

Cover and simmer, simmer, simmer.

The aroma was delightful.

I made a rue and added to the simmering stew, which resulted in a thick, yummy gravy.

I transferred the stew to a casserole dish, topped it off with a layer of mashed potatoes and baked till the taters were browned.

Oh lordy, gordy, was it ever delicious.

Michael said, "Baby you out-did yourself with that one!".

I think I'm feeling some "kitchen ambition" today!


- said...

you forgot that you added some parsnip too - that made it special.

my mouth is watering just remembering it, i hope your ambition doesn't wane tonight!

Unknown said...

How come I miss out on all this creativity?